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You didn´t get into coaching to become an expert marketer… 

I know because when I first got into teaching more than 20 years ago, it was the same for me.

I didn´t get into teaching to become an expert marketer, yet along the way, I learned that knowing how to market myself and my business was what helped me grow.

Now, as a mindset coach and marketing mentor, I focus on 3 simple principles with my coachpreneur clients:

  • Think brilliantly about yourself, your vision and your ability to create a thriving, sustainable coaching business (A “master´s” mindset makes ALL the difference!)

  • Figure out what needs to be done and DO it (this is what mentors are for; you don´t need to reinvent the wheel!)
  • Make consistency a key part of WHO YOU ARE as a coachpreneur…this is what results are made of!

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Mindset & Momentum

Empower yourself to greatness! You were put on this earth to transform lives – are you ready to do what it takes?

Being a successful coachpreneur is about more than just knowing how to coach!


It has to do with having a vision for your coaching business. It´s about knowing what your marketing sweet spot is and using that to attract those clients you want to work with most, so you can deepen that initial connection and turn interest in what you do into a desire to experience what it means to work with you. 


You´ve been given a gift as a coach. You know how to connect with others and build rapport. Put those skills to use in your marketing and you can transform your business  as you transform lives.


Say goodbye to info-overload, marketing “madness” and tech-overwhelm. It´s time to create a coachpreneur marketing roadmap, so you can stop floundering and start growing your coaching business with confidence & consistency!


Make this a new chapter in your business as a savvy & successful coachpreneur!

Coaching is about connection...

Marketing for impact means taking those connections to a whole new level!

Imagine using your powers of connection as a coach to easily attract and deepen relationships with those clients you want to work with most, so you can fulfill your life purpose – even if marketing isn´t where your heart is and the tech-side of things leaves you feeling frustrated and confused. 

You CAN do this and I want to help!

Discover your marketing sweet spot and learn how to create a marketing system that will allow you to GROW your coaching business with confidence & consistency.

Jan Marie, before working with you, I wasn’t even aware of some hindering beliefs that have so often stopped me before, the need to be “perfect” at any cost being one of them. Your patience, wisdom and optimism empowered me to achieve some major breakthroughs in my business and private life – within weeks! Some issues are still waiting to be tackled – and I know who I will approach when the time comes.

Irina Wendler, Career Coach & Trainer

What people are saying…

” Before working with Jan Marie as my coach I had difficulty organizing and strategizing the steps I needed to take to move forward with my goal. I decided it was time to stop struggling by myself and seek help!

Jan Marie helped me prioritize and plan the steps I needed to take, thus giving me the clarity I was seeking. Within a few weeks I noticed a change in business, in how I operated and my self-belief grew. Jan Marie, you are by far the best decision I’ve made this year – thank you!

Janice Bowles, Hypnotist & Coach

Thank so much, Jan Marie. I cannot thank you enough for always kicking my butt. You always held me accountable and checked in on my commitments. You made me commit to things that needed to be done to help me move forward in all expect of my life.

You have a special way of listening and getting what is making me feel confused.

I can’t wait to see what the coming months will be bring on the table for me, especially with you as my coach!

Joyce Jablonski, Wedding Planner & Coach

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