Do you struggle with negative thinking & limiting beliefs about what you can do and what you deserve?

Do you feel like you could be, have and do so much more in your life, if only you could push past the fear and uncertainty that´s holding you back?

One of the sneakiest – and often subconscious - barriers to creating a life you truly love is the challenge of identifying and resolving those self-sabotaging behaviors that form an invisible barrier between you and the positive, energtic, fulfilling life you desire.

Chances are you may have the feeling that no matter how hard you try to make positive changes in your life, you have little to show for all the time, sweat and tears you´ve invested. Every time you take a few steps forward a new wall of challenges and obstacles rises up to block you.

And when you look back on your life, you can see where this has happened, again and again.

And that´s exactly when self-doubt takes over, drives your confidence to an all-time low and opens the door wide for fear to move in.

Questions like:

  • Why me?
  • Why now?
  • Why does everything I try leave me feeling unhappy, overwhelmed and frustrated?
  • Why can´t I ever turn things around?

Isn´t it time for you to finally push past the doubts, frustrations & dead-end solutions and take back control of your life and your success?

Imagine not just discovering what´s holding you back but identifying the triggers that are keeping you from realizing your dreams – and discovering how to turn them to your advantage, once and for all!

The Brilliant Life Movement was created to help women like you, conquer indecision and negativity so you can tap into the inner brilliance that´s already there to achieve your goals in life and in business. Unleashing your brilliance is a lot like having a dimmer switch in your hand - and it´s completely within your control!

You can either turn that switch down and focus on the negative things in life or you can turn it up and let your brilliance shine.

My mission is to empower you to turn that brilliance switch all the way up and let your inner brilliance shine through! I want to help you shift the way you think about yourself, your world and the people around you so you have the confidence to do, be and have what you most want in your life. To my way of thinking, that´s the best way to make this world a better place to live in - for every one of us!

So, welcome to my world!

This ThinkBrilliantly website has been put together with a focus on helping you step into a more vibrant and brilliant life of your own design. Discover intuitive ways to promote positive thinking, build your confidence, and increase your focus and motivation so you can go after and achieve the goals that are most important to you.

In the more than 200 articles on this site, I share my thoughts, tips & strategies on how you, too, can take positive action towards creating a life you love!

Learning to think brilliantly about yourself, your life and the world is just the beginning...

My goal is to provide you with a foundation of ideas that you can both identify with and apply to your daily life so you can experience the abundance and joy a confident, positive attitude can bring!

Your Part In All Of This...

Becoming successful takes effort.

Making a difference in your life takes effort as well. 

Jan Marie Mueller

On  the other hand, taking the time to read this site every day or two takes little effort at all

...all you have to do is bookmark and scroll your eyes from left to right using a method we like to call reading

This one small effort becomes a habit. And the small effort of reading will spread into your daily life, gradually change your daily routine and propel you forward on your daily journey towards success.

We´re all here to engage our minds, and develop our skills. Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you would like to chat, have questions, or have some great ideas you want to share and talk about.

My goal here is to paint a new positive world of success and fulfillment, and I sincerely hope you´ll join me!

As your Breakthrough to Brilliance coach, I help you understand what´s really going on inside so you can become the master of both your emotions & your mindset, and take consistent, focused action to create absolute Brilliance in your life and your business...Brilliance as in SUCCESS, on your own terms! You define what success means for you and I help you design and create your life and/or your business exactly the way YOU want them to be.

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YOU are in control of your future. Live. Learn. And do what it takes to become the master of your own Brilliant destiny!

Your partner in creating & living your most brilliant life ever!

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