Do These Bad Habits Have You Stuck?

Do These Bad Habits Have You Stuck

Have you noticed that some people just seem to be more successful than others? Sometimes it’s luck or circumstances. But most times it’s because they have good habits that promote personal growth and achievement.

You may have many things you do that advance your life, but how about eliminating bad habits that negatively impact you. Let’s look at five bad habits that serve as obstacles to personal growth.

Giving others’ criticism too much weight ~

Successful people don’t become consumed with criticism. Instead, see it as either useful information you can use to improve yourself, or simply someone else’s opposing viewpoint. We’re all entitled to an opinion. You are bound to have an opinion of something that is different from someone else.

Giving up too soon ~

No doubt there are times when you need to let go and move on. But before giving up, ask yourself one last time if there is anything else you can learn or gain from this experience. Sometimes the best lessons are learned through failures.

Being indecisive ~

Sometimes this comes from having too many options. It can also be a way to avoid taking a position on something. Whatever the case, personal growth requires making a decision and acting on it. Even if it turns out to be the wrong decision, the only way to move forward is one decision at a time.

Procrastination ~

Do you tend to put things off until the “right time?” Have you been doing that long enough to realize the best time is not later? Some people would say they work better under pressure, but “pressure” is still stress. It may not seem like negative stress at the time, but stress is stress. Using last minute timing brings unnecessary strain to you mentally. Stress and strain drain your physical and emotional resources.

Letting fear drive your decisions ~

It is useful to recognize danger. But being driven by fear and worry distorts your perspective. It becomes easy to over-focus on the worst-case scenario so much that it either paralyzes you with indecision or makes you consider unreasonable options. You choose these less desirable options on the chance that what you fear will come to fruition. An analogy would be, if you fill your garage with bottled water to prepare for a Tsunami, you don’t have room to park your car.

So you have to balance having a reasonable recognition of the risks with catastrophic possibilities. In the garage analogy, store only a few stacks of water in the corner of the garage. Chances are if a Tsunami hits that is so strong it requires you to need a garage full of water, it’s a Tsunami that won’t let you stick around to be the only person drinking water.

Did you know there is a simple 5 step process to eliminating those bad habits we´ve been talking about? Well there is and I´ve put together a short .pdf to show you how. So, choose the habit you´d like to change and use these to do it.

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As you begin to release your bad habits, you’ll gain new ones. We all do. Of course, the more good habits you have, the less impact your bad habits will have on you!

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