What If EVERY Day Was Like Today?

How happy are you

Let me ask you this…Do you have big plans and intentions for your future?Do you act on that vision each and every day?Exciting goals are fun to imagine. It´s easy to do and they feel good.Quite often, though, putting them into action is another story altogether.Too many people live their lives in a way that […]

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What You Need To Find Success

What you need to find success

Are you ready for it? Ready to discover the ONE word that defines exactly what you need to find success in your life?Here it is…OWNERSHIPOwnership is all about taking 100% responsibility for your thoughts, your beliefs and your actions.And while you may not always see very far down the path you are traveling, you value […]

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How To Overcome Your Resistance To Change

How To Overcome Resistance To Change

​Do you struggle with resistance to change?If you´re not sure, let me just say this…Thoughts become beliefs and beleifs quite often become limitations. And trying to change those beliefs can lead to resistance. That being the case, it´s no surprise that many of my clients do struggle with a resistance to change. Here´s another question […]

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How To (Finally) Stop The Drama

Stop The Drama

Have you ever wondered how to stop the drama that seems to be running your life? If you´re like me, you probably wish you could keep the drama in life to a minimum – but sometimes, that just isn´t easy. Drama keeps popping up no matter which way you turn – during stressful times. Dealing […]

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How To Create a Strong Self-Image That Paves Your Path to Success

How do you see yourself?Everything comes down to self-image. A strong self-image is the foundation for confidence, action, and persistence. If you don’t think much of the person you are, these qualities are going to be in short supply.I know how hard it can be to examine, challenge, and change the beliefs you have about […]

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By Choice Or Chance: Which Way Are You Living Your Life?

Living By Choice

It is so easy to get caught up in the business of life; relying on luck and allowing random events to determine the path we follow – this is what I call living by chance.What we really want to be doing is making conscious decisions and choosing the direction we take. That´s what I call […]

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