Brain Exercises For A Brilliant Life

15 Brain Exercises For Brilliant Living

Don´t click away --- this is something you really must read! Did you know that studies show your brain loses some of its functionality as you age? And that loss can cause memory problems, brain fog and even Alzheiners! That´s why keeping your mind active with these brain exercises for brilliant living is so important.

Not only that, a well-stimulated brain elevates your mood, which helps you feel better on the inside, too!

Let´s take a look these brain exercises, one by one...

    1. Play games 

    I know this may seem too easy but do you remember those games you used to play as a kid. They taught you a lot back then and they are good for something now, too. In fact, they are a great for challenging and stimulating your mind.

    You know the games I´m talking about...activities like:

    • Picture Puzzles
    • Strategy Games
    • Crossword Puzzles
    • Card Games
    • Deduction Games (such as Clue)
    • Visualization Puzzles
    • Optical Illusions

    2. Read

    Reading stimulates the brain by activating your imagination. It also helps with memory retention and problem solving, especially if you love mysteries and "who dun its". Also, self-help books stimulate your brain. They do this by not only helping you to think for yourself, they also encourage your brain to look for solutions.

    3. Exercise

    Physical exercise helps circulate blood that carries oxygen to your brain. It has even been proven to increase brain power and create new neurons, over the long-term!

    4. Meditate

    Meditation has been shown to increase your IQ, relieve stress, and promote a higher level of brain function. Meditation also stimulates the prefrontal cortex of the brain, the area of the brain responsible for advanced thinking, ability and performance.

    5. Breathe Deeply

    Deep breathing helps deliver oxygen to your brain. And oxygen helps you be more alert and awake. As little as 10 to 15 minutes of deep breathing daily can increase brain functionality.

    6. Take Fish Oil Supplements

    Taking fish oil is literally like taking in membrane material for your brain. The two primary components in fish oil -- DHA and EPA -- strengthen the emotional center of the brain and boost your ability to focus.

    7. Listen To Music

    Studies have proven that listening to music strengthens the right hemisphere of the brain and actually changes the structure of it. Also, did you know that people who listen to music are shown to be more emotionally intelligent than those who don't?

    8. Write

    Writing improves memory and thought expression. Writing articles, blogs, or journal entries stimulates thought processes, which also enhances the way your brain functions.

    9. Get Enough Sleep

    Sleep clears out brain clutter and reduces brain fog. When you don't get enough sleep at night both your memory and your normal brain function suffer.

    10. Paint

    Painting is shown to be an effective brain booster in that it sparks the creativity within you. Even if you've never tried painting before, give it a try. What have you got to lose? Chances are you will feel more creative and you may even decide you like it!

    11. Eat Breakfast

    Starting the day out with a good breakfast has been proven to supply energy to both your brain and your body the whole day long. Skipping breakfast, on the other had, could leave you missing out on a powerful physical and mental edge.

    12. Walk

    Not only does walking let you do something good for your body, it also gives your brain a chance to wander freely, clearing it of any troublesome thoughts. 

    13. Enjoy Some Juice

    Pure fruit juice contains nutrients that revitalize and refresh the brain. Great juices to try are pomegranate, blueberry, and cranberry because they deliver the greatest boost to your focus and your energy. 

    14. Enjoy A Cup Of Joe

    Students who drink some caffeine before an exam typically have higher scores than those who don't.This is because caffeine stimulates activity in the brain, which produces better focus and thinking ability. Don't overdo it though!

    15. Draw

    Like painting, drawing stimulates the creative side of your brain. So, why not get out those colored pencils and start boosting your brain power?!

    See...I told you these brain exercises were easier than you thought. In truth they really don´t even count as exercises - and yet, they have the power to stimulate and challenge your brain in ways that can keep you living and thinking brilliantly to a ripe old age. 😉 ​

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