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How To Deal With Criticism Without Sacrificing Your Sanity

How To Deal With Criticism

No matter how much we love our family, there always seems to be (at least!) one family member who is highly critical of what we think and do. And knowing how to deal with that critical family member and their negative comments can be pretty tricky. The good news here is that you are in control […]

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Effective Listening Skills – The Most Important Thing You Could Ever Learn

Effective listening skills for a better relationships

Effective listening skills are so important. How you listen impacts every area of your life – from how well you do your job to the quality of your personal relationships. If you’re serious about maximizing your success, then it´s time you got serious about becoming a strong communicator. Although good communication skills include the ability to share ideas […]

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Seven Real-Life Tips for a Happy Marriage

Brilliant Life 30-Day Challenge

Even a terrifically happy marriage is bound to hit some snags here and there. When it comes to life, nothing is perfect, and that’s okay! People have their faults and bad days, and everyone should be allowed to make mistakes.If having a happy marriage seems little more than a dream, there are ways you can improve […]

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10 Keys To Building & Nurturing Extraordinary Relationships

the quality of our relationships

Relationships can be challenging, no question about it. And what most of us know without being told is that… Relationships are a lot like a living organism. They require attention and energy to thrive. Yet, when they’re ignored, they weaken and wither away. How many friends have drifted out of your life over the years? […]

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Happy Marriage (Not So) Secret Weapons…

Happy Marriage (Not So) Secret Weapons...

A long, successful and happy marriage is what we are aiming for when we say those two little words – I do. Unfortunately, a happy marriage doesn´t just happen …a happy marriage is created and nurtured. Successful, fulfilling relationships take work – a fact, I´ve learned first-hand in the nearly 30 years my husband and […]

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The 5 Keys To Attracting Positive Relationships Into Your Life

5 Keys to attracting positive relationships into your life

Many relationships come into our lives as we travel along our chosen path. Some of them wonderful and long-lasting; others short-term and fraught with unhappiness and frustration. The question I have for you today is: Do you find yourself attracting more negative relationships into your life than positive? Quite often, no matter how  hard we try […]

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