How To Use Mindfulness Exercises To Create The life You Want

How To Use Mindfulness Exercises To Create The life You Want

What is it you want to do with your life? How do you think you are going to make it happen? If you’re not sure, then mindfulness exercises and self-reflection can definitely help.

Even if you have an idea where you want to go, you may want to consider doing mindfulness exercises to help you reflect on where you´ve been and where you are going; to ensure that you remain on the path toward success. When you are on the right path, it is so much easier to peace in your life.

Here are 5 mindfulness exercises that you can use to help put things into perspective.

Use them to help you relax, clear your mind, and find the answers you crave:

Compose Affirmations

Create a list of at least 50 affirmations. These affirmations should embrace what you want to achieve and who you want to become in your life.

  • Write them in present tense and be sure to use the word “I” with each one. For example, “I am always good at my job.”
  • It is important to focus on the things that are occurring now that will lead you to your future successes.

You may hear a little voice inside your head saying things like: Boy, you sure messed that up! or You have´t been very productive lately. When this happens, silence the negative thought; stop it in its tracks. And reframe it with a positive spin. It takes time and practice to do this, but - believe me - it will definitely be time well-spent.

  • Repeating your affirmations aloud will enable you to reprogram your mind with positive thoughts.

Tap Into Your Subconscious Mind

Your subconscious mind is where your self-image resides. All of your attitudes, experiences, beliefs, and values are here. Your subconscious mind is the core of who you are and it’s a very powerful force.

If you go inward and reflect on what´s going on deep inside your mind, you can increase your levels of awareness many-fold. Some do this through meditation. Some do it by focusing on the present moment. And others use a journal to explore their thoughts. Regardless of what you choose, this process is key in helping you attain a higher level of consciousness.

  • Better self-awareness can provide you with many answers about yourself and your true beliefs.

Visualize Creatively

This is one of my favorite reflection exercies! Put together a box and tuck away mementos that symbolize your hopes and dreams. Or create a vision board, by choosing pictures and words that represent you and your thoughts. (The more detail you include, the better it works!)

Then, either set aside time to go through your vision box daily or hang your vision board where you can look at it often as you go about your day.

  • Imagination is the key and the sky is the limit!

Ask Yourself Questions

Come up with a list of questions you can ask yourself questions about yourself. Write both the questions and your answers down - a journal is great for this! Ask yourself questions about the present and the future, and provide yourself with positive answers. You can be creative with your questions because only you know what’s inside of you.

  • Be sure to structure your questions to include details about your hopes and your dreams.

Write & Reflect

If you don´t have one already, go out and buy a journal, then commit to writing in it every single day.

Each day, make a note of something positive that happened that day. Then, write down a question for yourself. But don´t answer that question right away! Reflect on it throughout the day.

Wait and answer it as part of your journal entry for the next day.

Mindfulness exercises and reflection involve tapping into your inner being and using that to figure out what it is you really want. And over time, they help you become clearer on the path you need to take to get you there. An added bonus is the peace and serentiy you can achieve, in the process.

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