The Most Frequent Obstacle To Success I See

Are you able to say the things that need to be said?

Are you able to be silent when you know you should?

Can you make yourself go to the gym or eat an apple instead of a piece of apple pie?

Mastering yourself is the only goal you need to achieve. From that, you can achieve ALL of your other goals!

Learn to master yourself and everything else becomes easy.

Self-Mastery Plan Of Action

Step 1: Create An EMBRACE List

Make a list of the things you should do each day, but aren’t. This list might include things like exercising, playing the piano for 20 minutes, drinking eight glasses of water, paying your bills, flossing, and making social connections.

Step 2: Create A RELEASE List

Make a list of the things you do each day, but shouldn’t. Maybe you stay up too late, watch too much TV, waste time playing video games, smoke, and show up late to work. Think about all the things you do that sacrifice your health, career, finances, social life, and happiness.

Step 3: Commit To Slow & Steady Action

Begin by addressing one item from each list. Slowly eliminate one of the negative items and add one of the positive items. Habits are challenging to change, but you’ve developed habits without even trying. Imagine what you can accomplish whn you go about it intentionally.

Step 4: Know Your FOCUS

Have a long-term focus. Negative behaviors have short-term rewards. Eating ice cream or watching TV are rewarding immediately. They can be harmful in the long-term, but they pay off right now.

  • Adopt a long-term focus and consider the long-term implications of your behavior before you indulge in it. What will it cost you down the road if you don’t change?

Step 5: Mind Over Body

This may seem harsh but it´s time you realized your body is the enemy (on some levels at least).

Why does we eat a bag of potato chips instead of an orange?

Because we imagine ourselves eating chips. Then we imagine eating an orange. Then we choose the one that feels better...

But your body is deceiving you.

It’s really only concerned with safety and reproduction.

  • Your body isn´t worrying about your longevity or your long-term prospects. We humans seek pleasure, just like any other animal. The advantage we have over animals is our ability to make decisions and not follow instinct. Our greatest disadvantage  is our ability to create pleasurable foods and activities that are detrimental to long-term success and survival.

Self-mastery is the key.

If you can master yourself, everything else becomes easy.

It’s easy to get ahead at work. It´s easy to be healthy. And it´s easy to save money and maintain your relationships.

Focus your attention on the long-term impact of your behaviors and keep short-term pleasures that lead to long-term challenges to a minimum.

Come on, you can DO this!

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About the Author Jan Marie Mueller

Jan Marie Mueller is founder of the inspirational blog ThinkBrilliantly and The Brilliance Community, a free Facebook group dedicated to empowering women to let their inner brilliance shine! Her mission is to help women everywhere shift the way they think about themselves, their world and those around them so they have the confidence to do, be and have what they want most in life!

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