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I´m Jan Marie and I´m so glad you´ve found your way here!

Let me tell you a bit about myself…

My name is Jan Marie Mueller and I am both enthusiastic about life and what I like to call a “brilliant” thinker. Not brilliance as in exceptionally intelligent (that would be going too far!) but brilliant as in positive and innovative.

I am also an avid personal growth advocate and dedicated to making whatever changes are necessary to reach the goals I choose to set in life. Most of all, I love reaching out to and helping other women do what it takes to make the positive changes they crave in their own lives.

Every morning, I wake up energized and confident, knowing I have found my purpose in life and am pursuing my passion. Nurturing a success mindset along with an intensely positive self-image have made a huge difference in my life - so much so that I never cease to be amazed by all the wonderful things that keep happening in my life, each and every day!

Still, there was a time many years ago when self-doubt, low self-esteem and depression threatened to rock my entire world. I struggled with keeping the monsters in my mind at bay and battled with feeling desperately unhappy and miserable.

Looking back now, I understand what a vicious cycle my life had fallen into – how I had begun allowing limiting beliefs to eat away at my self-esteem and sabotage the goals I´d set. Whenever I got close to realizing my dreams, that nasty little voice inside my mind would tell me I didn´t deserve success.

To break out of that negative cycle, I decided I needed to begin thinking brilliantly…feeding my mind with positive information, changing my thought processes one by one ~ from the inside out.

By looking closely at my beliefs about myself and my world, re-evaluating my core values and using positive thoughts to silence the negative ones and committing to taking baby steps, day-by-day, I discovered I could give myself the invaluable gifts of unconditional love and nurturing as well as the power to live the life I had always dreamed of.

I decided to stop accepting the status quo and take responsibility for my future. I started and built up a successful business. I learned to reach out to people, ask more questions, stand up for what I believed and follow through on those beliefs. It took courage and required me to push outside of my comfort zone.

That was when I finally discovered my true self and learned to embrace my core identity. I learned to love myself – flaws and all.

Now I’m so excited to share my life lessons with other women just like you. Help you discover how to leave the status quo behind in smart ways. Discover your inner brilliant thinker. And reconnect with your true self.

If you´re looking for the clarity, courage and confidence to step into the truly amazing person you were meant to be, so you can get excited about fulfilling your purpose and transforming your dreams into reality, I´m here to help.

And while you´re here

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A Few Things You May Not Know About Me:

  • I make time each day to work on honing and nurturing my positive mindset
  • I love helping others create a positive mindshift so they can live the vibrant life they deserve!
  • I always wanted to write children’s books (and now I have several to my name)
  • Deep down, I´m very much a cat person (sssh, don´t tell my dog)
  • I absolutely love daffodils – there´s no “happier” flower!
  • Growing up, my grandpa was my favorite person and I followed him everywhere
  • My daughter and I are both huge Disney fans...and my two twenty-something sons razz us about it ALL the time! 
  • As a teen, I collected frogs…I had more than 100 at last count. (Not real ones, of course!)
  • I can still remember the first time I saw it snow in California when I was 13
  • Raising three children has taught me some of the most valuable lessons in life
  • There´s nothing I enjoy more than a good book
  • Cold, clear, sunny autumn days always put a smile on my face (Even so, Christmas is my favorite time of year!)
  • I am the co-founder of a small non-profit helping Africa children get the education they need for a better future.
  • When I was a kid, I dreamed of marrying my soul mate and living in Germany – I´ve managed to do both.

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