Reprogram Your Mind With Positive Affirmations

Reprogram Your Mind With Positive Affirmations

Whether or not we realize it, we all have a little voice in the back of our minds. And that little voice just loves to give a running commentary on any and everything going on around us.

Sometimes that self-talk is motivating, encouraging, and uplifting. Other times it can be focused on reinforcing the negative beliefs you have about yourself and your abilities.

How To Reprogram Your Mind

One way to minimize negative self-talk is by practicing mindfulness. Focusing on the present moment removes the distractions of what’s going on inside your head.

Distracting yourself from your negative self-talk is only a temporary solution however.

The way to reprogram your mind is to replace the negative statements with positive ones. Your mind can only register so many thoughts at once. So, flush out those negatives by choosing to focus on positive thoughts that are supportive and affirming.

Simply "thinking positively" isn´t enough...

Step 1: Start by creating affirming statements using language that is most comfortable for you.

Then, personalize them to your specific situation. This makes it far more likely that you will be able to remember them when your negative self-talk kicks into gear.

​The more specific you are, the more effective the affirming statement.

Let’s take a look at the next step on how to reprogram your mind:

Step 2: Now make a list of all the things you say to yourself that are negataive and do not support your goals. ​

I´m not talking about the neutral things that are inconsequential here. Things like: I need to keep the kitchen clean. Unless, of course, you are always putting yourself down because of your inability to keep your kitchen that case, by all means, write a statement related to this.

What we´re really looking for are statements focused on your inability or failure to meet a goal rather than on the goal itself.

Step 3: Take those disaffirming statements and turn them into positive, affirming sentences.

Change each statement by stating your desired behavior in a positive manner. Make the statement personal by using the word “I" plus an action verb in the present tense. Essentially, you want to write your affirming statements as if you already believe them.

Negative VS Positive Statements

Negative statement: I can´t seem to keep my anger under control.

Affirming statement: I express my feelings without acting out my frustrations.

The affirming statement is the way you would like to behave. Even if you still need a lot of practice in expressing your feelings without flying off the handle, repeating this affirmation is the first step to actually regaining control over your emotions. Fact is once we convince ourselves that there is no solution for a problem, defeat is the only outcome. And - because we see it as a lost cause - we give up trying to change.

Repetition Is Key

Thinking and repeating your positive affirmation regularly helps create a positive mindshift with regards to the problem. There is a saying used in 12-step programs that encourages people to “fake it ’til you make it.” That’s the concept here. Frequent repetition of your affirming statements allows you to internalize them to the point that they become a spontanous response to negative thoughts when they arise.

Using positive affirmations doesn´t just silence your negative self-talk. It also empowers you by increasing your motivation, boosting your confidence and supporting a deeper sense of inner peace.

Now It´s Time For You To Reprogram YOUR Mind...

Recognize one negative thought that you have about yourself. Think about something you’re not good at or a goal you have that you can’t seem to reach. Write down what you say to yourself when you struggle with doing something or fall short of your goal.

Now, to reprogram your mind, put a positive spin on the statement by rewording it using "I" plus an action verb in the present tense. Make a point of repeating your new affirmation frequently throughout your day - at the very least, saying it out loud every morning when you arise and, again, each night before you go to sleep.

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