Spring Cleaning For The Mind

Spring is just around the corner and this is the time of year I start thinking about cleaning out more than just my closets…this is when I take up a ritual I like to call “spring cleaning for the mind”, where I begin thinking about what I can do to help me keep my thoughts clear and happy as well.

If you find that you’re having trouble dealing with so much of the stress life throws your way, perhaps it´s time for you to do a bit of spring cleaning for the mind as well!

Here are some tips to help you sort through and reorganize your thoughts as we head into a brand new, sunshiny season 😉

Get Rid Of Anger

There are many negative emotions that you can eliminate during spring cleaning time, and anger is one of the first emotions that really should go. You need to deal with it and then throw it away.

  • Ensure you handle it effectively rather than try and hide it. If you try to just push it away, it’ll just grow stronger and cause you more stress. Face your anger and make a plan to find solutions for your issues, or simply let them go and move on.

Focus On Forgiveness

If you’re holding onto negative emotions, focusing on forgiveness can be a real game-changer. You may not feel like the person you need to forgive deserves it, but you deserve to finally be at peace. Think of it as doing something for yourself instead of letting someone off the hook.

Spring cleaning for the mind

Write Down Your Dreams & Goals

Just as you make a list of your chores during cleaning, make a list of some of your short term and long term dreams and goals. When you list them out on paper, it gives you something concrete to look at throughout the day.

  • Put your list up where you’ll see it often, and cross things off as you accomplish them.

Be Open To New Ideas

When you open yourself to new situations and ideas, you’ll bring a new freshness and more opportunities into your life. It might feel safe to stay closed off, but eventually you’ll feel that things have become stale.

Don’t Be Afraid To Have Fun

Whether for your home or your mind, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be a chore. With the right attitude, it can be fun to bring change into your life. It’s like getting a fresh start so you can focus on some new beginnings.

Stop & Smell The Roses

Learn to see the beauty in things that you’ve taken for granted. Take a walk and get some fresh air, or get up early one day to watch the sunrise. These things will give you new perspectives on life.

Get Organized

Just like you would organize your house when it gets too cluttered, take this opportunity to learn to organize your mind when it starts getting cluttered, too. Avoid letting jumbled thoughts overpower your thinking process. Learn to use a calm approach and deal with one situation at a time.

  • Take some time out of each day to clear your mind. You can accomplish this through meditation, prayer, or anything that relaxes you.

Remember, you’re very important – much more important than those other things you clean every spring. Use these tips to give your mindset a bit of a spring cleaning, so you can enjoy life again without all that stress and negativity weighing you down.


About the Author Jan Marie Mueller

Jan Marie Mueller is founder of the inspirational blog ThinkBrilliantly and The Brilliance Community, a free Facebook group dedicated to empowering women to let their inner brilliance shine! Her mission is to help women everywhere shift the way they think about themselves, their world and those around them so they have the confidence to do, be and have what they want most in life!

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