Want To Know The Key To Living The Life You Want?

Great! Then, I won´t beat around the bush…

You are what you think. (I say that often enough in my posts, I know. And that´s because it´s true!)

And what and how you think comes down to your beliefs and your values.

Your beliefs and values are highly interconnected. They influence your choice of friends, lifestyle, interests and well-being. Because your unconscious is the creator of your beliefs and values, you have no control over them unless you’re aware of them.

So, what can you do to ensure you enjoy the life you want and deserve?

To start, you can discover which beliefs and values are running your life. Then, you can take control so that you keep only the ones that help you lead a happy, fulfilled life.

When it comes right down to it, really knowing yourself is essential here. And getting to know who you are often takes a careful, conscious examination of your values and beliefs.

So, let´s start with your beliefs. You may be wondering: What are beliefs and where do they come from…

What´s A Belief?

Beliefs are the assumptions we make about ourselves and others. They tell us how things really are and how we expect them to be. A belief is taken from your experiences. Each one is usually created on an unconscious level and they’re mostly formed during your childhood.

For example, if as a child, you saw your parents constantly quarreling, you might believe that men and women cannot harmonize. This could prove disastrous for your relationships as an adult. History is likely to repeat itself and you wouldn’t know why.

As you can see, beliefs are formed by recurring experiences and your reactions to them and a belief system is a network of beliefs related to each other.

You Are What You Think

Negative Beliefs: Where They Come From & What To Do About Them

Your reality is based on your beliefs. Your behavior stems from these beliefs, which may be positive or negative.

If you’ve ever come across an ill-treated dog, you’ll notice that it behaves as though it’s scared of people. Or it might be aggressive. Through its unfortunate experiences, the dog believes that people in general are cruel. The human brain works in the same way on an unconscious level.

A child bullied at school may come to believe that people generally aren’t kind. He may manifest this belief in aggressive behavior. When people react in an aggressive way, his assumption will become reinforced. This may happen so intensely that he won’t even notice when someone is nice to him and will continue to act in a hostile manner.

Your regular use of certain words like can’t, couldn’t, could, should, and shouldn’t may point to a limiting belief of which you’re unaware. These words are often key indicators of our assumptions and expectations.

Notice when you are using these and similar negatives words and phrases. Have you heard someone you know express similar ideas?

When you have these thoughts, you may be adopting the assumptions of others, particularly those close to you. To help counter these limiting beliefs, it’s important to first become aware of when they come up in your thoughts and your feelings.

With this awareness, you can grow in acceptance of yourself as you truly are, negative thoughts included. And from acceptance, you can consciously decide how and when to take action so that you can have the thoughts you want. You ARE what you think and taking control of what you choose to believe will help you have the life you both want and deserve.



About the Author Jan Marie Mueller

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